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SasuNaru ➳ Semes & Ukes (EDITING SOON)

SasuNaru ➳ Semes & Ukes (EDITING SOON)

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#zerofucksgiven By Goldenunderwear Completed

Sasuke , Neji , Shino and Gaara are the schools most popular boys or you could say 'Semes' , the girls would lick their feet for them but they already have an eye for the schools Ukes, Naruto, Shikamaru, Kiba and Lee . 

You better run ukes because the big bad wolfs are coming !

Warning: Sexual actions

Erminel Erminel May 29
Me: Is the guy right there also gay?*points at Gaara*
                              Friend: ...why do you think that.
                              Me: He's  staring at a guy with a green jumpsuit.
                              Friend: Yes, yes he is. :(
My breath literally hitched just fro hearing that one sentence. Damn I'm dirty for a twelve year old boy............
GAALEE IS TRASH. Like how does I take sense. It makes about as much sense as Levi x Eren.
Erminel Erminel May 29
Me: Is the sunglasses guy also gay?
                              Friend: Why. -_-
                              Me: Looked like he was about to faint when he looked at that for the first time today.
                              Friend: Wait, how were you able to know that he was about to faint?
                              Me: Idk, instinct? 
                              Friend: Eh, most likely gay.
Erminel Erminel May 29
Me: *Tugs friend's sleeve* He just liked his lips. *Points at Sasuke*
                              Friend: ...just wish that poor little soul good luck *looks at Naruto*
Erminel Erminel May 29
                              Friend: *sigh* Another poor soul found. *looks at Shikamaru* And nothing we could do about it.