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The silent Orphan girl! (Under construction)

The silent Orphan girl! (Under construction)

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Nonah By Winnieac Updated Sep 20, 2015

Noah Winters is not a normal teenage girl. She lives with several of other children just like her, orphaned. Every night she dreams nightmares about the past, just fragments of a real memory, pictures too fast for her to really remember that night more than the bare essentials. Noah never really talks to anyone besides the children. Of course she answers to speech from the orphanage owner and staff, just right amount of words, no more than that.   Noah knows that it's only small children that gets to be adopted, because no one ever wants to adopt an teenager, they just wants those small toodlers with cute smiles and that little glimmer in their eyes. Yeah, she knows that. But what if? What if someone would adopt her? Will Noah feel like one in the family or will she never get to know have it feels like to have a family, a real family?   What will really happen if she gets adopted by a family with 9 boys? Can she live without a family?  
  A/N: Okay, I have to say that I think this novel will kind of turn out well, or at least okay. But I just wanted you guys to know that this is my "first" book on wattpad. So please vote and comment if you like it. And just give it some time, please. Also I would be greatful if you can point out any misspellings or other errors ^^
  Thanks! xx Winnie
  *This story is now under construction!*
  *There fore it stands at unfinished!*
  *These are the finished edited chapters;

GirlHeros GirlHeros Feb 26
Oh and to cover for your slip ups. When you accidentally say bitch say obituary!! I use this all the time
So the first sentence that's dosnet belong there sorry the desc. Said to point out errors sorry
fromnetflix fromnetflix Apr 04, 2016
I'm so excited for this book, I'm in love with it after the first chapter!
Angel23123 Angel23123 May 19, 2014
there's so many mistakes can u edit it like I DON'T under stand what it means half the time