The Company (Avengers Fanfiction)

The Company (Avengers Fanfiction)

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Ashlynn By xxAwkwardTurtlexx Updated Jan 13, 2017

The Company is a group of scientists that experiment on people and animals trying to create something that victim Briella Anne-Marie Carter had to experience all her life. 

Two years after escaping the Factory where she and others had been held captive. She has been getting the feeling of being followed once again making her nerves skyrocket.

She knows that its not S.H.I.E.L.D.  an Agency that has been following her around lately.

Something big is coming and now that the Avengers are looking for someone to help them get rid of the Company how can she refuse their call for help.

Her friends are all still alive but missing and cant be found.
Making the game of hide and seek more interesting when you are the one being found.

She may have been a mutant but that was before the Company had gotten to her and ruined her life.

Can she get rid of the Company after all or will something hold her back from completing her goal?

**its a lot better then the Description makes it sound.**

  • action
  • america
  • avengers
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  • barton
  • black
  • bruce
  • captain
  • hawkeye
  • hulk
  • ironman
  • natasha
  • rogers
  • romanoff
  • stark
  • steve
  • thor
  • tony
  • widow
  • wings
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