True Love Only Comes Once (Slow updates)

True Love Only Comes Once (Slow updates)

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Hallie By Hallie_ox Updated Aug 27, 2017

Seventeen year old Kat has always thought of herself as bad luck. Why wouldn't she when her parents had died within the time spam of three years? Or the fact that she has social anxiety and two left feet. In her opinion, she was useless.

Kat had to find a relative to live with since she wasn't old enough to be her younger brother's guardian. So she was shipped off to California where a surprise sibling awaits them with a bucket full of ice water in his hands to splash them into reality. A brother neither her or Chase had even heard of. Looks like their parents hadn't been entirely truthful about their past and they were no longer alive to answer to their turmoil.
Thrown into a world full of lies and truth, Kat learns that she can't just trust anybody. Especially when her brother's sexy, cocky, charming and possessive best freind comes into the picture. His protective stance for her brings out a whole new level of trust. Despite her social anxiety, Kat can't help but cling onto him.

It's going to be a ride for Kat, filled with secrets, betrayal and lots of love.

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bloodylobo bloodylobo Jul 26, 2016
Pfft, hahaha😂😂 'was this lady on crack.' It cracked me up. 
                              Oh my god did you see what I did there😱😱
AttemptedPoet AttemptedPoet Jan 20, 2016
Oh my god IM HOOKED!!!!
                              Why does the hot guy have to be her full brother lol?
ApoorvaN ApoorvaN Feb 25, 2015
                              Sorry, though I make a lotta mistakes in my book, I get irritated when I see one :p
That_Geek_Girl786 That_Geek_Girl786 Jan 12, 2015
Dude this chapter was LONG. Anyways I like em. Long chappies are the best!
That_Geek_Girl786 That_Geek_Girl786 Jan 12, 2015
BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA was this lady on crack! Priceless *wipes tear*
Hallie_ox Hallie_ox Jul 22, 2014
@iSneakZ  Haha Ikno she's such a rude chick XD And thanks hun means a lot :)