Jaune Escanor Arc: Sin of the Sun

Jaune Escanor Arc: Sin of the Sun

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Silent Reaper By RealSilentReaper Updated May 20

Jaune Escanor Arc. Born with a curse that his family kept hidden from Remnant for generation after generation. The same curse that surpasses that of any powerful being before the existence of Remnant itself, before Salem, before the Four Maidens, before the Two Brothers. Here begins a fairy tale that no one will know. The Lion's Pride knows no bounds!

 (RWBY belongs to Monty Oum and RoosterTeeth. Seven Deadly Sins belongs to Nakaba Suzuki. )

 [Sporadic updates. Also very first fanfic. EVER. So I hope you like reading it! Artwork isn't mine.]

{PS- Yo! I can't believe this story achieved the Hot  #1 spot for the jaunearc tags! I don't know how, but I feel proud of that fact. Thank y'all for taking your time to read my first fanfic in existence!}

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