purity ✖ luke hemmings

purity ✖ luke hemmings

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g By lucaskisses Updated Aug 14, 2014

tall, blonde, blue eyed captain of the basketball team luke hemmings was the school's bad boy. he had girls left right and centre falling at his feet.

forced to leave her previous school, introvert felicity matthews had became reluctant to even leave the house, conscious of her every move.

they are a prime example of polar opposites therefore it is not much of a surprise how taken aback everyone is when they take a liking to each other. but is it all too good to be true?

NOTE: this story includes sexism!! yes it clearly is an awful thing and feel free to leave comments about how terrible some of the characters are for this but please bare in mind that this is (obviously) NOT my opinion (again, obviously!!). any comments from now on accusing me of this shall be deleted.

[...also I wrote this literally three years ago and I'm unlikely to get round to posting more anytime soon so please don't bother reading if unfinished shit annoys you lmao.]

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Lovely-Oceans Lovely-Oceans Oct 08, 2016
Of course the author would get a skinny girl as the main character
drizzynjh drizzynjh Mar 29, 2016
Rip to my mans Alec he was the realest we was real close in the beginning of this chap we faded a bit and then this came out of nowhere
caitlinbabes123 caitlinbabes123 Apr 08, 2016
I'm not gonna say it bc it's inappropriate but I REALLY wanna say it
drizzynjh drizzynjh Mar 29, 2016
Bitch me and him go way back to the first chapter why you gotta do this to me
EvergreenBean_ EvergreenBean_ Feb 17, 2016
EvergreenBean_ EvergreenBean_ Feb 17, 2016
Ooh pretty ring... *looks at ring and throws it away* pretty ugly in its use