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The Avengers need me.

The Avengers need me.

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Tillyflop1999 By Tillyflop1999 Updated May 05, 2015

This is an Avengers and Percy Jackson Fan Fiction. Please do enjoy. Here is the Prologue...                      "Annabeth, duck!" I shouted. I threw my sword over her head and killed the monster behind her. I voluted over her back and picked up my sword. I ran towards Nico and his dead army. "You ready?" I asked. When he nodded we charged. I felt free. I was in the zone when I heard a helicopter over head. I looked up but it was the wrong thing to do. Something/someone dived into the side of me. Pain shot up both sides but mainly the side that I was hit. I staggered to my feet and looked around for my sword which happened to be under the thing that hit me. It was made of metal and looked like a human. "Percy?" It asked. "Maybe, who's asking?" I asked. "Answer the question punk, you don't want to make me angry." "Yes, I am Percy. And YOU don't want to make ME angry." I growled. The guy charged at me. 'Great.' I thought. 'Not only am I in the middle of a fight but this guy shows up as well.' We fought for what felt like ages. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw people come of the helicopter. I lady started fighting with Annabeth. A guy with a hammer started fighting Nico. Another guy with arrows started to fight the monsters and a big dude with a shield started to fight Jason and Frank. The robot guy fired at me and I dodged out of the way. I ran at him but the guy with the shield threw his shield at me and I had to duck. The robot saw this to an advantage and grabbed me from behind. "Night, Night, Percy Jackson." He said and the hit me in the head. Every thing went black.

Percy_Ranger Percy_Ranger Sep 30, 2016
                              it's okay if you were just pointing out the mistakes
                              my apoliges (can't spell)
SeptiishuGirl17 SeptiishuGirl17 Mar 16, 2016
Gawd please let Cap be safe in civil war I don't want my baby to die!!😔💙💙
gagagagirl8 gagagagirl8 May 18, 2015
My first thought when I read the title was wait, how do they need me?
Dark_Hawk207 Dark_Hawk207 May 15, 2015
I watched Avengers age of ultron today. It was freaking amazing!!!!
Aurum18 Aurum18 Feb 23, 2015
police in England btw y is it cops is it short for something I might google that.......
- - Nov 15, 2014
How much coffee did you drink before writing this?
                               *raises an eyebrow*