Figuring Out The Bad Boy

Figuring Out The Bad Boy

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Lisa S. By demesne Updated Jun 11

Moving from one place to another is difficult for anyone. But it seems especially difficult for Haley Connor. Moving from her old town to a new one means that she can change her status from being a loner to someone who can have friends.

But even that is beyond difficult for her, especially when she meets Derek Smith, one of her school's notorious bad boys. Something about Derek is strange. He has a split personality. He's warm and kind toward his friends, but when it comes to other people he does a 180 and puts up a cold exterior. 

What could this bad boy be hiding to make walls go up? Is it something dangerous that can not only harm him but his friend, his family and Haley? Is Haley willing to take the risk and uncover Derek's untold history? Even if she had a past to cover up herself? 

Join Haley in her journey into figuring out this bad boy. 

(Spin-off of LTBB)

Aye don't waste the money on a huge house! What if something happens with her job??
tbh I thought the title said fingering the bad boy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
kaailer kaailer Aug 02
Honestly I prefer small houses bc big houses are always so... big and dark when you're home alone
She basically described my house except I have less garden and a lot bigger pool
Charllenax Charllenax May 21
I moved house 21.11.15 and to this day still think of that house as my actual home, the house I'm in now I think of as a house that belongs to someone else.
When I moved  house  everyone had left the house and I was still sitting in the room and crying  as I spent 12 yes der . :-(