Fate! Oneshots {[REQUESTS ARE OPEN]}

Fate! Oneshots {[REQUESTS ARE OPEN]}

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All your favourite characters put together into one book~! Dedicated to our beloved Servants/Masters from the Fate Series <3

***********{[Send in Requests]}***********

♦️I do not own the Fate series and belongs to its rightful owner.

♦️This will include any characters from;
           •Fate/stay night
           •Fate/stay night UBW
           •Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel]
           •Fate/Extra Last Encore
           •Fate/Extra CC
           •Fate Prototype
           •Fate/strange fake
           •Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA


♦️ The earlier you send in requests, the earlier your requested oneshot will be released so be quick to send them in.
♦️I may do lemons in the future.

And that'll be all, enjoy the oneshots!!!