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Step-brothers {BoyxBoy} {moved to another account}

Step-brothers {BoyxBoy} {moved to another account}

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Joshy By Be_My_Seme Updated Mar 06, 2016

Well here I was, in this fancy smancy air port, I didn't under stand why the place had to be so fancy, and big. It's just a place to get on and off planes, did I mention it was huge? 

Holding my phone in my hand I used the other to pull my back pack up as he -my father- made his way to me, it's been years since I saw my father, he left my mom and me for another women when I was younger, I really didn't remember much.

"Hello Kyle" he said a bright smile spread across his face as he held out his hand for me.

"H-hello sir" I said my feminine voice making him cringe slightly.

"You've grown up to quite the man" my dad stated as a tall slim female made her way towards us.

"Hello! I'm Katie" she smiled wrapping her arms with my dads, I'm guessing that's the woman he left my mom for. "Hello" I said forceing a smile to creep upon my lips.

She giggles joyfully as a rather tall, yet muscular male made his way over, his brown hair fell across his forehead lazily, his green eyes glew against ...

BB_DuhDead55 BB_DuhDead55 6 days ago
No wonder why he's such a bitch. He's a thot back not a quarter back! Duh derrr!!! What was it thinking agha
BB_DuhDead55 BB_DuhDead55 6 days ago
Lescross Lescross Jul 30, 2016
What did the dad do when he left his ex wife? Or. Was he always this rich?
- - Nov 15, 2016
When my mom asked if I practiced my song I have to sing in class
Lescross Lescross Jul 30, 2016
Did you put reference bears  in there because Kyle was gay and "bears"  is a gay stereotype. If you did that was nice
SuicideIsLife166 SuicideIsLife166 May 22, 2016
That's me when someone new comes and the teachers ask me to show a boy\girl round I go on my phone and let them figure out them self hahahahha