Step-brothers {BoyxBoy} {moved to another account}

Step-brothers {BoyxBoy} {moved to another account}

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Joshy By Be_My_Seme Updated Mar 06, 2016

Well here I was, in this fancy smancy air port, I didn't under stand why the place had to be so fancy, and big. It's just a place to get on and off planes, did I mention it was huge? 

Holding my phone in my hand I used the other to pull my back pack up as he -my father- made his way to me, it's been years since I saw my father, he left my mom and me for another women when I was younger, I really didn't remember much.

"Hello Kyle" he said a bright smile spread across his face as he held out his hand for me.

"H-hello sir" I said my feminine voice making him cringe slightly.

"You've grown up to quite the man" my dad stated as a tall slim female made her way towards us.

"Hello! I'm Katie" she smiled wrapping her arms with my dads, I'm guessing that's the woman he left my mom for. "Hello" I said forceing a smile to creep upon my lips.

She giggles joyfully as a rather tall, yet muscular male made his way over, his brown hair fell across his forehead lazily, his green eyes glew against ...

wizard_potato wizard_potato Oct 02, 2017
Where did the money for the house come many plot holes I can't even
BB_DuhDead55 BB_DuhDead55 Apr 17, 2017
No wonder why he's such a bitch. He's a thot back not a quarter back! Duh derrr!!! What was it thinking agha
BB_DuhDead55 BB_DuhDead55 Apr 17, 2017
Lescross Lescross Jul 30, 2016
What did the dad do when he left his ex wife? Or. Was he always this rich?
HatersGonaHate12 HatersGonaHate12 Nov 15, 2016
When my mom asked if I practiced my song I have to sing in class
graciemccauley1272 graciemccauley1272 May 22, 2016
That's me when someone new comes and the teachers ask me to show a boy\girl round I go on my phone and let them figure out them self hahahahha