My Annoying Sexy Teenage Alpha (Editing)

My Annoying Sexy Teenage Alpha (Editing)

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Harmony By Wow_zers Completed

Alphas are cocky and possessive and to Darley Evan they are her worst nightmare.

All she wanted was a mate that deserved her but Max Adams, teenage alpha that is not the case.

So what will happen when her teenage alpha turns out to be her mate?

Join Darley and Max on their quest to find love. Have fun and try to not rip each others hair out.

Don't forget there is always a problem So how will they overcome it. Together or alone?

Please do not copy my ideas or anything that I have made up. I will do something about it!!!

5 ft and I stopped growing at 13 my family is short tho so it's okay
Lol all of my friends are so tall, so I have to look up at them
But how ? How does no one have a birthday in August ? I wish no one would have a birthday in January in my year. But just...HOW ?!?
Same love gold and lol this is an anti g story so far nice job keep doing what your doing
nlunn14 nlunn14 May 26
I was born on August 29th so I'm one of the youngest students in my grade
5'8 and you are an original ass person! I applaud you for that! Never has anyone talked about a Gold werewolf. Props too you. I'm so fūcking glad it isn't a white wolf.