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$uccubu$ By jvpiter Updated Feb 16, 2016

❝Sometimes, we do things others don't understand // if they ask why, just tell'em // tell'em that I love you, babe, tell'em that I love you, babe...❞

Raheema 'Rah' Blackwood cannot and will not put faith in anything she can't see, God being the only exception to that. She won't stop sneaking food into her room, even though she'll get punched in the throat if she's caught. She won't stop cussing. She won't turn down her music. She won't stop trying to be the best at everything. She won't let herself be pushed over. She won't be anything less than strong, and she won't change that.

Enter from stage left Raheema's opposite, Sydney 'Syd' Westbrooks. Syd won't go around, making trouble (unless it's absolutely nessecary). She won't cuss. She won't stop putting her hair into the ever-so-classic Syd Ponytail. She won't ever get involved in any drama. She won't stress on anything for too long. She won't stop tripping over her own two feet. She won't hang with anyone who goes against her moral code, and she won't be influenced.

Some things you can't change, and these two are determined to be constant in remaining the same. Fate says otherwise, though. It'll only be a matter of time before they stop chasing the fool's gold that is staying in one place, thus deferring them. Maybe, just maybe, they'll find true gold in the other's soul, and grow comfortable with change as well.