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Maddy By madsymadsy Updated Jan 01, 2012

Dedicated to my best friend, Gabby.

Aidyn is a Liar; in other words, he's a special, elite type of hitman designed to break his victims down with words and wipe them out of existence. Due to their reputation for cruel, brutal, and swift deaths, Liars are hated worldwide, and only the shadiest and desperate clients hire them. Once a Liar, however, always a Liar. There is no quitting the black business. Aidyn's only skill is lying, and he is one of the best of his game, even to the point where everything he says could be a lie. His entire world is made up of fragile, carefully woven illusions.
However, Aidyn meets a girl. She's sweet and timid Alyx, otherwise known as Lexi. She is the essence and definition of goodness. Aidyn finds himself falling hard for the girl and yearning to get closer, but if he goes too far, he could blacken her and blot out her shine. Desperate to keep her from discovering his "career" of deception, and to keep from driving her to ruin, Aidyn struggles for one thing he could never hope to say: truth.
The only way to attain honesty and to face Alyx, however, is for Aidyn to quit his position as Liar. His desire for Alyx's affection and freedom from deceit will aid in his desire to survive the punishments a Liar receives for murmuring the truth. Though deep down inside of him, Aidyn harbors deep truths that are covered with lies, and if these truths are revealed, Aidyn may never escape his world of illusions.

madsymadsy madsymadsy Apr 14, 2012
                              Goodness, no! I've just been neglecting this book. A shame, really, and I'm sorry! :c
roselesbian roselesbian Jul 05, 2011
"That was a lie" 
                              Dude, are we all like starting stories with lies and what not cause I saw Wendy wanted to start one and I wanted to start one and bleh! 
                              Buttttttttt this was epic.. 
                              A sadistic romance, yay! xD 
GabbyCourange GabbyCourange Apr 13, 2011
okay cuz its better to tell u person just so u get everything or if u see mishi ask her haha
madsymadsy madsymadsy Apr 13, 2011
@GabbyCourange Lol, tell me the details at school tomorrow, if you are there. :D
GabbyCourange GabbyCourange Apr 13, 2011
Oh! u didnt hear?! Jason said that Roy doesnt like him "any more" haha no offense to jason but i think jason might hav been in imagination land when he first told us that roy liked him
madsymadsy madsymadsy Apr 12, 2011
                              xD It must be that cold going around. (Which I got too.)
                              Poor Meeshi and Gecka! D: Though Jason probably went with his "boyfriend" Roy.