Dean x Reader x Sam - Snowball fight

Dean x Reader x Sam - Snowball fight

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Christmas. Your favourite time of the year. You loved christmas. You loved gathering all the decorations from whatever place you had put them last year and start decorating the whole house and of course your favorite, the Christmas tree.

You loved going out to buy Christmas presents for Dean, Sam and Bobby and choosing what they would like for a present even thought they said they didn't want any. That's how it went every year. Them denying they wanted a present, you buying them one for each and in the end them liking it.

You also lovined trying to guess what present they were gonna buy you, they always did. Every year. And every year you tried to make them tell you what they had bought you. And you made it, well sort of. You managed to make Sam tell you what he had bought you just by using the puppy eyes, that he had taught you and that every year he said that he was not gonna fall for them again but every year he did. And you managed to make Bobby tell you just by using the proper ...

WhatDoUShip WhatDoUShip Mar 30, 2017
That makes no sense what so ever I'd have to say I'm with Dean on this one
Killer__Girl Killer__Girl Jul 16, 2017
I never thought of it like that .-. I'm gonna do it to my friends! NYEHEHEHEHE
Rarestrose3 Rarestrose3 Jul 17, 2017
Red_Ribbons Red_Ribbons Feb 15
People are like snowflakes, it's hard to drive when they are piled up in the road...
puppylover52406 puppylover52406 Dec 13, 2016
Wait, Did Dean just kiss me with food in his mouth? EXCUSE ME?! TO THE DUNGEON YOU GO YOU KNOW GREAT JOB DEAN JUST GREAT
Kiermerald Kiermerald Oct 19, 2016
I'm waaaaay past the season, but I still imagine bobby in a wheelchair