The Summer With the Keys

The Summer With the Keys

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"Oh you're awake." A boy said. I rolled my eyes and looked at him. My mouth dropped, my eyes widen. OMG! that's all I thought. "You ok?" he asked me. 

"uhhhhh- I think." I said. I looked away and rubbed my eyes. I look back, he wasn't gone, and this wasn't a dream. 

"well, I'm Collins."

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I sadly wasn't here from the begining so I don't get it... 😔
M_B_K_ M_B_K_ Oct 25
Okay i am sorry. If you don't want them to see it then you don't have it on!
arissajana arissajana Jul 31
I'm thirteen, and he's twenty-one. Is it's still okay in a few years??? Pls someone tell meee
I'm 13 and he's 21..... I'm obsessed with a 26 year old and a 30 year old 😂 okay maybe that sounded weird but they are actually good looking for their age 😂 (they're celebrities)