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My Man of the Jungle

My Man of the Jungle

12K Reads 498 Votes 3 Part Story
Erin Byrne By RaineRosemary Updated Nov 20, 2014

Eve hated her life.  She had to live a constant life of 'do what you are told or pay the price' and was growing sick of it. She was always cramped up in the small apartment she shared with Bruce, her so-called 'loving and devoted boyfriend'. She was forced to stay inside, the only chance she ever got to go outside was rare, only going out when people got suspicious of her being held captive.   Eve though, preferred the great outdoors. She was almost always found camping, on a forest tour, in the zoo, or on wildlife reserves when she could. But she could never truly get away from the wretch her life has become. Deep in her soul, she has longed to be free, and dreamt of exploring through jungles. So when she receives a ticket from her father to go to the jungles of Africa, and to finally escape from the grasp of Bruce, why wouldn't she want to go?  Accompanied by no one but herself, she set out on a journey through the mysterious jungles, full of danger, legends, and beauty. But then, she discovered something she never expected. Something that not even her wildlife knowledge could have prepared her for.   She found a jungle man.  -------------------------------------------------------------------  Hello everyone! This is my first Tarzan-like story, so I hope you enjoy it! I might be updating on some of my other stories, but since my brain decided to go into denial, I decided to try another story, see if anything comes to me while writing this. All Rights Reseved so PLEASE DON'T STEAL!! thanks!

JasminMendoza9 JasminMendoza9 Dec 30, 2016
✨PLEASE UPDATE SOON I love your book and I'm dying to see how it's gonna end✨
Marie__reid Marie__reid Jul 16, 2016
OH MY GOSH I love how you started with Bruce's POV that was really unique!
kcole5923 kcole5923 Jul 17, 2016
I would've whooped his tail so hard his great grand babies would've felt it
RaineRosemary RaineRosemary Nov 19, 2014
Pardon my friend everybody. She has webernet troubles. @phoenix9912
RaineRosemary RaineRosemary Nov 19, 2014
Hey I jacked her profile........I will make her write more. I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS! Buuuyyyyeeee @phoenix9921
CutieJoonie CutieJoonie Jul 07, 2014
Please update soon!!!!!! I love this book and I can't wait for the next chapter.