Jinnie the Kitty | Ksj✔

Jinnie the Kitty | Ksj✔

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CøffeeBin By WhittneyLynnHall Completed

"Our cat is a person y/n!" Your brother yelled.
"Yoongi he's still the little kitten that we found four months ago!" You gesture wildly to Jin, "What does it matter! We still have to care for him!" Yoongi turned around and slammed  the front door in your face. 
"Is he going to be okay?" the little voice behind you asked wearily.

*I don't own these characters, and I was greatly inspired by @pocketbangtan and her story Honney Bunny* 

Started: March 17th, 2018
Ended: April 19th, 2018

(Highest Rank) 3rd in Reader x BTS, 2nd in BTS Hybrid, 1st in reader x Jin, and 3rd in Jin Centric!