"Master" Is Just A Name | ✔️|(Just A Name Series)

"Master" Is Just A Name | ✔️|(Just A Name Series)

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Rubi ღ By RodriguezRubi Updated Aug 20, 2015

Recently, Kathryn has just lost her only alive family member, her aunt. To put her life in anymore distress, one day Kathryn is walking home and is kidnapped. From one moment to the next, Kathryn is to call this man, "Master" and wear, to her dislike, a maid outfit!

But her life doesn't stop there. Kathryn apparently doesn't know anything thing about her so called 'dead' parents. It just seems, she can be next in line to fight for her family's privilege to rule a vampire kingdom...

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Completed: Aug 20, 2015

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***This story has a heap of mistakes but don't let it stop you from reading it!