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All Four of Your Skies-A Guardians novel

All Four of Your Skies-A Guardians novel

384 Reads 9 Votes 3 Part Story
Mae...well thats mah nickname...ITS CLOSE ENOUGH!!! By MaeRaynes101 Updated Feb 23, 2011

Leia and Aimee have lived a normal life up until "The Accident" leaving their father in a coma and their mother in a permanent depression. Since that day Their childhood besties James and Adrian have been acting wierd, freaking over the drop of a hat...Whats going on? and can they figure it out befor its too late? adn will Leia ever see James in a shirt when hes over at her house? lol

MaeRaynes101 MaeRaynes101 Feb 24, 2011
                              Thanks :) im still writing its a work in progress, i havnt even introduced half of my charecters. But its only the first three parts right? It gets better i promise
tianajade tianajade Feb 24, 2011
A good beginning. Grammar and punctuation errors here and there. There was nothing to really draw a reader in, or maybe that is just me. The storyline sounds interesting, though - which is good. Keep writing!