Aftermath (A PJO/Avengers crossover)

Aftermath (A PJO/Avengers crossover)

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Supreme Overlord By FullMetal_SkittleZ Completed

After the war with Gaea, both camps are slowly coming together and things are looking up a little. But the story is different for the Seven. Especially for Percy Jackson. The physical scars would never come of, but in his mind, it was far worse. Nightmares of past events tortured him relentlessly. The only person who could help him, Annabeth Chase, went missing, without a trace. There's more going on here then it appears.  

The Avengers, on the other hand, have had it going nice and smooth. No problem or trouble sense Loki. But when Director Fury sends them out on a top secret mission, they find more trouble then they would have ever expected.   

 Now you get to decide weather you want to read on, or not. The choice is up to you.    
[Lovely Editor: @_becca_bryant ]

Summyreads Summyreads Apr 14
I read this whole part in that speed commercial voice in adverts at the end 😂
How it's different reason #1: The seven are actually alive! Praise the lord!
lilrobo12sis lilrobo12sis Aug 06, 2016
*scrolls past warning* *feels guilty* *reads it* I'm sure I'll be fiiiiiiiiiiiine.
demigodsarebetter demigodsarebetter Nov 04, 2016
I skipped the disclaimer but my aunt made me go and read this
brownone279 brownone279 Jan 13
Did anyone read that in that deep caution voice you can hear but not explain?
starrygrassi-hoying starrygrassi-hoying Dec 25, 2016
I highly doubt that. I've read some fanfics that made me bawl my eyes out for hours because of A) Torture B) Feels C) Evil grandparents