Wrath & Fury: an Ash Betrayal Story

Wrath & Fury: an Ash Betrayal Story

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Lycanroar By Lycanroar Updated Jun 12, 2018

After his Alolan journey Ash decided to return home but this time empty handed in a League achievement, as he reach home he was confronted by his former travelling companions, rivals, and pokémon they agree that Ash should stop reaching  his foolish dream and give up because he is weak.

He was frustrated and swore to make them regret Betraying him, he retreated back to Alola and trained there for the upcoming Masters League Tournament that will be held there, knowing the traitors will participate Ash and Co. decided that this will be the perfect opportunity for 'Their' revenge to commence.

[I'll be adding some Pokemon Game Characters as well, just to spice it up]

[Oh yeah, the 'Thier' part means Ash will have an elder Sister in this Fan.fic., why?, Idunno]