Loving Adam (Sequel to Finding Adam)

Loving Adam (Sequel to Finding Adam)

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Suha Zaid never thought her senior year could get any better. Like a true champion, she had been able to balance between social life and her chances of going college (minus the Pre-Calculus of course), and had fought against her long-time bully Samantha Griols, who had abused her both verbally and physically since the eighth grade. When she was arranged to marry Adam Fatih, the "famous" nerd and soon-to-be valedictorian of her high school, she went berserk-- only to then find herself falling head over heels in love with him, regardless of the negative comments he threw her way. He was a shining star in the darkness that he had created, empowering her and keep himself hidden in the process. Now that she has found him, she is determined to better understand him and never let him go. 

Adam Fatih hates his life. Spending hours over hours studying, smoking cigarettes, drinking, and committing misconducts is his specialty-- or so he thinks-- and he's determined to keep Suha away from him at all costs. Unfortunately for him, the more he pushes her away, the closer she gets, and the harder it becomes to let go. He's a live fragment of a shattered, broken past, and when his supposed parents forced him to marry Suha in hopes of changing him for the better, he was furious. How they had the audacity to involve his first love into the horrifying mess that is his life was beyond him, but he eventually agreed after long sessions of intense anger and aggravation. 

She's confident and now stronger than ever.

He's broken and has no faith. 

She thinks he's mysterious, awkward, and intimidating. 

He thinks she's fierce, annoying, and stubborn as hell. 

What will happen when the man behind all Adam's problems reenters his life? Will secrets unfold? Will stronger bonds be made, or will they weaken and break? 

If put to the test, can love truly and inevitably conquer all? 

Read on to find out.

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xoxoshimmyxoxo xoxoshimmyxoxo Mar 24, 2018
Please update when you're free, I'm really desperate for this
ChocolateAndChill ChocolateAndChill Mar 22, 2018
Beautifully written! :')
                              Im SOOOOO LOOKING FORWARD FOR THIS!
                              UM EVEN FEELING GIDDY RIGHT NOW!😂😂
fatimahomowunmi fatimahomowunmi Mar 23, 2018
Really anticipating here.. Can't wait to start reading our lovely writer's post😘
PaavaniMahesh PaavaniMahesh Mar 24, 2018
Hey when will suha and adams married life starts.i am reading finding adam but couldn't find anything related to adam its all about suha and her college and just few interactions.want t o read how suha changed adam and how their married life worked
hayatii_writes hayatii_writes Mar 23, 2018
Walaikum Asalam, doing great Alhamdulilah. Hope your well too :)
atiyaally123 atiyaally123 Mar 25, 2018
Super excited for the update !just can't wait to read it 😍