The revenge of lucy heartfillia

The revenge of lucy heartfillia

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3rd largest desert By ashara148 Updated Aug 18



Lucy's POV

It's been a month since lissana came back from edolas and it seems like i don't exist anymore.

Everyone just pay attention to lissana and forgot about the blonde girl and what's worst is that I thought that team Natsu would always be there for me but I was wrong....

After awhile I noticed that team Natsu was suddenly going to where I was seated which caught me by suprise...

Natsu: Lucy we want you out of the team because your weak and lissana is much stronger than you are 

Gray: for once I agree with the flame brain...he has point Lucy

Erza: I agree , I think your the weakest member in fairy tail and so with that I think you should leave Team Natsu because you're a disgrace not only to team Natsu but to the whole guild

Wendy: Sorry lucy-san

Lucy's POV

I felt my heart being torn apart into pieces and tears started running down my face

"It's okay Wendy you don't need to apologize about anything "

" I'm so sorry lucy-san,they didn't let me de...

Lucy is my top favourite character, but I feel sorry for her because her power isn't always that great and could be used against her.
Laylaplatterpus Laylaplatterpus 15 hours ago
Why wendy out of all of them why wendy u made me hate wendy now cause wendys weaker than lucy so wtf!!!
Everyone is just yelling at wendy and I'm just wondering, am I the only one that thinks wendy is just apologizing that she couldn't stop them?
Not Wendy, why Author, wwwwwhhhhhhyyyyyy?????!!!!! 😰😰😰😰😰
English is my second language too!!!!!! What is your first language?
KawaiiPandaGirl33 KawaiiPandaGirl33 Jul 08, 2015
Deep....but I believe. Mine was a hit more deep but I'm to lazy to write one sooo what and ever