Things We Do For Love. [BoyxBoy]

Things We Do For Love. [BoyxBoy]

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  An unsocial young business man who seems like he has nothing better to do other than have absolutely no interest in people who he deems inferior to himself. Over the course of the book, something seems to make his heart melt from the ice that surrounds it. And though he tries to fight it as hard as he can, he can't win.

  A college drop-out trying to make a few extra bucks by working in a diner that seems to attract the oddest people. He hates the fact that writing down orders or cleaning up tables that some annoying kids messed on is his idea for a career plan. One person walks in and he instantly wishes that he took the day off instead. The least thing he wants now is some douchebag ordering him around and treating him like he's nothing.

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- - Mar 14
Oh now I know, why he didn't wait for 10 years! I was quick to judge, turns out u both r dickheads
Weirdo18 Weirdo18 Dec 28, 2017
oh my GOD. i'm probably loving this. OH MY GOD, this story is completed and oh my GOUUUUUUUUD i can see ian smirking in my head.
- - Mar 14
Wonder why ur dad gave sperm to ur mother, at least he should have waited 10 year?
e10muni61 e10muni61 Oct 28, 2017
Me gustó, no adiviné como se conocerían. Se teje interesante la historia
Silvertemper Silvertemper May 28, 2014
I'm liking the story so far can't wait to see how it all turns out.
SuckedInByBooks SuckedInByBooks Jun 02, 2012
@BlackIce94 That's great. :) Thanks for reading and commenting.