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KnB Love Shots [KnB x Reader]

KnB Love Shots [KnB x Reader]

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Yuu Kaji By gekokujougirl Updated Apr 16

A collection of LOVE shots about how you and various KnB characters met each other, become together or anything and everything. 

KnB x You

Ooow oooww this is love triangle??? Okay, i will choose Akashi kun!!!
I once broke my pinky finger while playing basketball. It was painful as hell
Relodia Relodia Feb 23
Kinda true? Instead, I was passing to my friend and I sprained my ankle. Yep, what a memory. Then I started hating the ball, and everytime I rambled on by "geting hit by a ball", I literally got hit.
                              Mhmm, it hates me.
UcelloLuca UcelloLuca Aug 01, 2016
Ayyyyy, can you do a Takao x Tsundere! Reader-chan (Smut)? *lenny face*
                              *wiggles eyebrows* Plot : Cosplay, probably maid or bunny... You know what I mean ;)
likeablender likeablender Jan 22, 2016
I can just imagine midorin jumping up,pushing up his glasses with the ✨✨ aura "what the hell nanodayo!!!!!"
Ctherblue789 Ctherblue789 Sep 04, 2015
For your information my jacket would be too big on him because I wear ridiculously over sized clothes