My Life As Athedite Aphrona (A Hunter x Hunter/HxH Fanfic) [Killua Love Story]

My Life As Athedite Aphrona (A Hunter x Hunter/HxH Fanfic) [Killua Love Story]

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What if...a girl goes to the Hunter x Hunter World?

That is her favorite anime, Hunter x Hunter.

So, what will she do? She'll meet the innocent Gon, cool Kurapika, badass Killua, and the self-proclaimed, old-looking but a teenager Leorio.

Will she lose her life? Will she die from the hunter exam? And...why was she even there?

Here, the adventure of Chelsie Diana starts. Later in the story, Athedite Aphrona.

Welcome to see the adventure of Athedite Aphrona.

And...also...what will do if Athedite will die in a realm that is not her world?

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Been a long time since I've finished reading this thing - welp, time to revisit one of my old favorites from my starting days!
MoonQuill MoonQuill Jun 07
Hola, coma estas¿ me gusto MoonQuill.
                              Nah I'm kidding I'm English 
                              I do think remember a lot of Spanish soo yeah
DTerra17 DTerra17 Apr 27
                              I've been reading your book and I really like it so far!
                              I think you could win a Watty with this! It just needs to be proofread and edited by someone!
                              If you don't mind, I could fix different grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalization errors!
 #RR That's why appreciate every book out there and I intend to write one :P
I came because of Solomon-sama and Rood-kun~ I see you read R18~ ufufu~ and Athedite.... Aphrona... Aphrodite, Athena....
Yuussaa Yuussaa May 31, 2016
I'm Reading this Again for the 3rd time!!!
                              I missed all chapters! Definitely Voting the one I missed everything!!!