Twisted Disney - Slow Update!

Twisted Disney - Slow Update!

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uǝǝnQ uoʇƃuᴉllǝʞS By hipsandbones Updated Feb 01

Disney stories start with a once upon a time and ends with happily ever after.

But, in this reality these characters didn't get there happy ending with there prince in shining armor. They only got blood, death, sadness, anger and nobody to save them.

The shoe didn't fit

The mother never changed back 

The princess woke herself up 

The princess went insane 

The princess has murder on their mind

The princesses don't have any happily ever after in "Twisted Disney"

Enjoy lol

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NotAHooman NotAHooman Mar 20, 2017
I'm just imagining Betty standing up next to a tiny, 5 year old Anna and begging her not to kill her.
Wow... poor Betty. I know I shouldn’t feel sorry for her but I always am when someone cries before they die
RinRin_05 RinRin_05 Mar 27, 2017
Yes 🙏, but maybe change the title to Alice Madness Returns (that's my favourite game) but if you don't want to its 👌 nice story
She's like 5 or something. How can she seriously hit a grown woman that hard
LyraRothwell LyraRothwell Mar 31, 2017
I've heard that phrase thousands of times. Coming out of Purple Guy's mouth
imxtrashx imxtrashx Nov 03, 2017
YAY. I kinda like psycho Vic / Kellin and princesses make everything so much better