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Twisted Disney - Slow Update!

Twisted Disney - Slow Update!

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Skellington King By hipsandbones Updated Mar 05

Most Disney Tales start with a once upon a time and ends with they all lived happily ever after.

But, some princess didn't get there happy ending with there prince in shining armor. They only got blood, death, sadness, anger and nobody to save them now. 

The shoe didn't fit

The mother never changed

The princess woke herself up 

The princess went insane 

The princess has murder on their mind

The princesses don't have any happily ever after in "Twisted Disney"

This reminds me of the game, which I've forgotten the name of. Woops
EmilyFitzFox EmilyFitzFox 19 hours ago
What happens to him... this is supposed to be my favourite Disney movie/story 😫
AngelMadlon AngelMadlon Nov 18, 2016
I looked down and fell not the hard ground..........should be I looked down and fell o the ground hard. 
                              people know the grounds hard and the do not need a description of  the ground being hard but they need a hard she fell on the ground
AngelMadlon AngelMadlon Nov 18, 2016
and had blood scattered on it ....should be..... and had blood scatter on them
AngelMadlon AngelMadlon Nov 18, 2016
this sentence I'll be back when a find a little rabbit .....should be...I'll be back when i find a little rabbit
SavingAllSanity SavingAllSanity Dec 19, 2016
This first chapter seems like "Alice: Madness Returns".  Like, every single detail so far.