The Festival

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Bryce Simpson By BassistBrainchild Updated 3 years ago
A double entendre poem based off of Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and a very interesting Creepypasta.
yea. I want Okami though. it is n ot a nintendo game, its from camcom. but ive watched a preview on it. it seems fun. the main charecter is a wolf
Zelda- Majoras Mask. Favorite game of all time. then comes Super Mario Bros wii, Ocarina of time 3d. those are my top three
cool. I memerize video game songs, transver them to key board, change the instraments, and then i have the songs.
yea. its obscure. i guess your a poet then? you can read it if you want.
I liked it. I have a story in progress. Its called The Legend of Zelda- Majoras Revenge. It is the sequal to majoras mask but this time it is alot more bloodthirsty. it's not... what is the word?
did not excpect the ending. "you shouldn't have done that..."