Leech (An Adommy Fan Fiction)

Leech (An Adommy Fan Fiction)

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ziley_42 By ziley_42 Updated Dec 20, 2010

I was July 14 and San Diego was in sweltering heat right now, a heat wave too massive had attacked to poor city, but who cares because there's something called air conditioners duh! This particular story is about two people, in one city, in one band, finishing their tour...

My journal October, 3 2010

My closest friend besides Adam, I am totally glad to find that I am still in Adam's band even after his strange disappearance. I find that it is unhealthy for him (though soothing to me) that I am practically the only person that he really talks to besides the band and his family. I just cannot tell him the truth though, I cannot tell him that I love him. If I do I feel that I may be kicked out of the band, or shunned by him, or hell knows what. I don't care of any of that for my affection has become too great. I love him and I will scream it to the rooftops for heaven to hear. I do not care. 

I set my journal aside and decided when would I tell the gorgeous man that I have fallen deepl...

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