The Outcast

The Outcast

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Sara By FudgePeppersLies Updated Sep 03, 2012

Rosaline Jandie was in 10th grade when the accident happened. No one knows exactly what happened, all that they know is that somehow- she got Amnesia. She forgotten everything about her life, Her personality was different, and soon her parents handed her over to her Grandparents (who live right down the road from her parents) because of all the stress they were under. Rose has forgotten everything and everyone in her life, but she remembers things that she learned (like 2+2=4 and the Civil War and such) and on top of learning what her old life was like, she has people acting coldly to her for no particular reason. She is known as the "quiet girl who used to be popular but forgot everything and now she beats up bad guys and saves the day and blah blah blah" 

And ontop of all of these things, she has a guy who she absolutely dispises who just decided that he was going to be her friend.

Oh joy.

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vmn1120 vmn1120 Jun 09, 2011
Loveee it , sorry I took so long to read it , but we're still real life best friends , btw text me . 
vmn1120 vmn1120 Jun 09, 2011
Loveee it , sorry I took so long to read it , but we're still real life best friends , btw text me . 
xRadioRebelx xRadioRebelx May 27, 2011
Holy! This 1st chapter was amazing! :O I loved it! 
                              You write really well & have awesome descriptions. Plus, it was a whole 5 pages & I read them all, & it seemed really really good! ^_^ 
                              I am totally *adding this to my library*! 
FudgePeppersLies FudgePeppersLies May 26, 2011
@Panda-hime  Lol, thanks, I think this was one of my best, because I was EXTREMLY angry and slightly depressed when I wrote it. :] I guess that makes me writebetter o.o
Lovable_El Lovable_El May 26, 2011
Slap that boy! Haha well, I like this. I didn't find any problems oh and I love how creative this story is!
cravingrainbows cravingrainbows May 26, 2011
Oooh, I really like your story, it's interesting, I wonder what happened though. The start is kinda sad but hey, it got me hooked. :)