Sixteen year old Mae Parker was alone. All she had was her mother and her mothers boyfriend- who Mae hated. After Junior year her mother decides to ship her out to her fathers house in Hollywood for the summer. With no friends and a father that hates her presence, she is lost. But one plane trip could change her life. Adorable and sweet Tristan Dawson, the boy in the plane seat next to her would make her summer better than she could have ever imagined. But little does she know what he is really hiding. Tristan is one of the most famous teenagers in Hollywood, fresh off a new movie deal.

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lindeee lindeee May 30, 2018
Younger men? I thought he was going to be twenty or something... My mom and dad have an age gap of 6 years, and that is considered pretty normal around here...?
lifesucks_1151 lifesucks_1151 Apr 25, 2018
TheRomanGraecus TheRomanGraecus Mar 05, 2018
I have two brothers one named Tristan and one named Dawson. Thus was hilarious to me
sparklystyna sparklystyna Aug 21, 2017
I'm sorry but I physically can't read this story the paragraphs need to be separated I don't want to be a dick but there so long
I imagined Bruce being really good looking with a eight pack or something lol I dunno
BriTheOutsiderBVB BriTheOutsiderBVB Jul 19, 2017
Her mom is saying she's proud of her but she literally had no choice