Shards Of Shai

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Shai M. Tami By Vixeneyes Updated 4 years ago
From the Tittle you can guess that those poems can be placed as a piece of me =]. hope you like'em ^_^ and be gentle and remember it's not just words that rhymes, it's how i feel.
@Simply-Shai--x3 Aw. I don't think I have a halo, although my dad has joked that I have horns, lol. :) ~~Alex
That one actually made me very sad. In a good way, though. Any reaction is good, I guess, but this, overall, was good. :) My favorite lines were: tear by tear, they go down, making sure no one is around and: a pretty face with an agony frame, sorrow, pain and sadness with a name.
your poems just keep on getting better and better