My Boyfriend the Dog

My Boyfriend the Dog

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Kate Jarvik Birch By kebirch Completed


When Braxton breaks up with Emi out of the blue the night she returns from vacation, she is completely devastated. But before she can tell anyone what happened, Braxton gets into a car accident that lands him in a coma—and simultaneously into the body of Emi’s dog.

Told from Emi’s and Braxton’s alternating points of view, MY BOYFRIEND THE DOG tells a relationship and break-up from both sides. For everyone who has ever jokingly called their boyfriend “a dog”, this story gives the phrase a whole new meaning.

MelodyRush MelodyRush Jan 01
I used to be that girl, it effing hurts. Stabbing your pride for the one you love.
ashley6670 ashley6670 5 days ago
no, no, no... please don't beg emi😔everyone's better than that!
I can love some or like them a fück ton but the second we start dating I immediately loose interest. It's the most frustrating feeling. Imma girl btw
pelarrules15 pelarrules15 Nov 25, 2016
I honestly don't find any problem with this situation.  People move on, she should too. They're young. It was naive of her to think they would be together forever.
letmebethequeen letmebethequeen Nov 25, 2016
I don't know why I didn't even read this. This book sounds so cool!
IndependentDamsel IndependentDamsel Jan 15, 2016
my first thought when I saw this book,
                              'isn't that illegal?'