Nerdy || matt espinosa

Nerdy || matt espinosa

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stranger By teenagedumbass Completed

She's cool. He's not. He's quiet. She's not. She's outgoing. He's not. He's smart... She's not. She fell hard. Did he?

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This book is unedited and was written when I had very little writing experience. Although it doesn't suck entirely, it isn't to the best of my abilities. If you want to read a Matt fanfic that's a little better, check out my fanfic Turmoil. Thanks for reading <3.

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And now I’ve been verbally attacked...
                              Jk 😂 but still I came from reading a Larry cuz I’m... me
kkkyles11 kkkyles11 Nov 06, 2017
she’s annoying. she says that she’s so down to earth and yet she stays away from “nerds”
phoebe_mendes__ phoebe_mendes__ May 14, 2017
I'm a social butterfly too but I normally be friends with kids my age or younger, older is not my thing
Can you just... I came here for a break from all my 1D fanfics
phoebe_mendes__ phoebe_mendes__ May 14, 2017
Year by year my weight turns ten times higher, like two years ago I was 20kg now im 40 what
kkkyles11 kkkyles11 Nov 06, 2017
she says she doesn’t know who he is yet she knows his last name. mmkay