The Gypsy Prophecy ✔ (Book One)

The Gypsy Prophecy ✔ (Book One)

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"The prophecy was written in Sharpie on the wall of a gas station bathroom."

Mia Caswell is an eighteen-year-old girl running away.  She's running from her neglectful guardian, her abusive boyfriend, and everything that's ever held her back.  Without any idea what else she should do, she decides to hitchhike to the coast.  When she runs into Dinah, a middle-aged wise woman also hitchhiking across America, she joins her, feeling safe with Dinah for the first time in a long time.  

But all Mia's plans disintegrate when she reads what she thinks is just pointless bathroom graffiti about a prophecy predicting the end of days.  Strange markings appear on her skin, and when a band of weapon-yielding strangers kidnaps Mia, she comes to realize that the prophecy was about her and she is the one fated to save the world with the help of these intimidating strangers.   

Beautiful markings, powerful abilities, a growing attraction, and a devastating betrayal lie ahead of her.  Mia's future is forever changed, and if she doesn't act fast, the rest of humanity's future could come to an abrupt end.

Book 2 is re-releasing soon. Follow me for updates.