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Alisha James By MissTigress Updated Nov 05, 2016

"Does this whole mysterious thing work for you?" My words are laced with bitterness. 

Amusement swims in his mint green eyes after hearing my question. "Work for me how?"

"You know." I keep my scathing gaze on him. Unlike others, he doesn't squirm the tiniest bit and merely smirks devilishly at me. "With getting laid. Getting pathetic little girls to run after you and drool over you."

"Does the whole bitchy act work for you?"

I laugh bitterly for the shortest second. "Who said it was an act?"

Biblio_Qxeen Biblio_Qxeen Dec 27, 2016
when pupil's dilate it means that in the eyes of that person literally, your found attractive
IReadWattYouWatt IReadWattYouWatt Mar 04, 2016
Are you making plot changes or just editing for grammar and flow?
taytay_stargirl taytay_stargirl Dec 03, 2016
When you already read this but wanna read it again because all the chapters are gone and your gonna be lost if you don't
Nams2013 Nams2013 Mar 05, 2016
Y did u change the story plot?? It was perfect before with the gods n the babysitting n everything😣😣😣
RhysandAddict RhysandAddict Jun 04, 2016
How come when you update a chapter, it takes you to this page? It's doing that now for chapter 7.
amazstory_75 amazstory_75 May 13, 2016
Thanks for deleting all the chapters ... Not like any of us won't reading