Playing The Player

Playing The Player

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Alex By Mira28 Completed

"It's cute when the good girl falls for the bad boy... But it's a lot cuter when the bad boys falls for the good girl."

Hayleigh Grace, was, to put it lightly, perfection. With her outstanding grades and seemingly perfect life, it seemed like she could do no wrong. Until sexy, sarcastic Blake Carter came along. Hayleigh's supposed to be good at everything, but is she good at playing the player?

Not mine I just wanted to share it because I loved the book so much!!!!!
Originally written by mirandazz

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mahli99 mahli99 Dec 22, 2017
Poor guy he is used to girls just swooning over him without having to do anything so he is teying so hard now. I honestly dont get how girls just drool all over a giy wheb ou can see he is just a player that isnt going to be serious with you
Elenaisamazing Elenaisamazing Dec 05, 2017
Guurrl my twin is the exact same shes get the boys I get the books
mahli99 mahli99 Dec 22, 2017
Oh no. No no no no no dont do something stupid like letting him fal for you so yoi can brea his heart. He didnt do anything to you so just let it be
mikitesla mikitesla May 22, 2017
what do yall mean by something?, i honestly do MANY stupid things every effin year
mahli99 mahli99 Dec 22, 2017
Honestly I would have gotten uo climbed over the table and sat somewhere else but then again I never sit next to the windoe so my bag wouldve been on that seat so he couldnt sit anyway
CecilieGlitzky CecilieGlitzky Jun 10, 2017
I pressed vote faster than you can say Giiirl that's hardcore