Harry Potter's Twin Sister

Harry Potter's Twin Sister

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You've all heard the story of Harry James Potter, the boy-who-lived. But what if he had a twin?
Melody Potter is the twin sister of Harry Potter, though apart from the lightning-bolt scars on their foreheads, they couldn't be any more different. Follow the twins though the most eventful first year at Hogwarts a student's ever had.

*I do not own Harry Potter. Rights to J.K. Rowling.*

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aarushi8524 aarushi8524 Mar 02
Hi, were you born on march 3. 2000?
                              IDK why i asked that, maybe cuz i was born 6 days after that.. :P
Sarahcj03 Sarahcj03 Jun 19, 2016
Your reaction to rereading your own. Book is me whenever I go back and read books I wrote when I first joined Wattpad 4 years ago.
Modern_Day_Cain Modern_Day_Cain Sep 20, 2016
Apple? Since when did Apple orvi phones/I pods exist in Harry potter
aarmaufan333 aarmaufan333 Nov 25, 2016
This is horrible this writer is 4 or 5 this person can not write this
liamthelovely liamthelovely Jul 15, 2016
Hey! This is really good! I have a few fanfics, check them out if you'd like! I'd really appreciate it!
twentyonehomospilots twentyonehomospilots Jan 21, 2017
wait im confused so the author said that 2011 is when they were born so does that make them at least five or six years old as they write this what is going on