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Tutor Me Mr Cutie~Luke Hemmings (editing)

Tutor Me Mr Cutie~Luke Hemmings (editing)

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Nisha By armcandycalum Completed

Brie isn't a bad girl, no. She likes to call herself courages and of course she's right, she's the type of girl that speaks her mind. Sometimes speaking her mind can get her in trouble though, big trouble. After a fight between her and step sister, Brie finds herself suspended. When she returns to school she realises that her grades are slipping, after her teacher mentions to get a tutor she goes to the only guy she thinks will help her, Luke Hemmings. The schools quiet and shy guy. As time passes she discovers who he actually is hiding behind his glasses. And once they make a event changing deal she knows there's no going back.                                                                     

Sorry about the mistakes guys, I'm going to edit it when it's finished. It's kinda cliche. 
Made it to #92 in fanfiction. Thank you  guys.

I don't understand why people think so lowly of girls that want to put more effort into their appearance. What are they doing that bothers you? It's their body, not yours.
greedylauren greedylauren Apr 25, 2016
lmao you're whack for slut shaming. You're probably like 14 please stop
greedylauren greedylauren Apr 25, 2016
And it's also funny how every time a girl shows some skin they're "desperate". Like I get it she's supposed to be the evil one in the fanfic but don't slut shame.
NickyHemmingsxx NickyHemmingsxx Sep 24, 2015
If you guys are interested im writing fanfic. It's 5sos fanfic, but mostly Luke hemmings. Hope you love it. And by the way it's call 'How to Spell Love'
alltimegreenday alltimegreenday Jun 23, 2015
How does she get away with that crap? Like wtf man my school doesn't even let me wear tank tops to school and my shorts/skirts/whatever have to be at my fingertips or longer like damnn how you do that homie
cric15 cric15 Jun 08, 2015
JennaMatthews99.....i havent followed you yet...:P i will though, soon :)