Kill Me Romantically

Kill Me Romantically

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The_tilted_crown By The_tilted_crown Updated Sep 30, 2013

One night, Gabriella was attacked by a dark werewolf that changed her and then left her alone. She struggles trying to control the beast that was born inside her with only her two best friends, Ashley and Aaron, knowing what she had become. There was no other one of her kind around her to advice her and her maker has left her once he turned her and never returned.

One night, Gabriella loses control over her beast and almost changed a human without knowing but Lucas came and stopped her. He was sent to her because she was an uncontrollable werewolf that must be stopped.

And his mission was to kill her before she reveal the secret of their kind's existance..

But the problem was how he slowly begn to have feelings and lust for her ... but she on the other hand wasnt ready to get involved with any werewolf after the torture her maker made her suffer before turning her. She feared she will be hurt again...

When Lucas found that she didnt mean any harm, he decided that he would give her a chance ... The only way for her not to die, is to leave all her current life and join his pack, where he is the alpha.

Gabriella finds herself in a life or death position. Whether leave all that she has ever known and go to be part of a pack of werewolves, where she will have to do ANYTHING Lucas wants since he will be her alpha and can kill her with the first mistake she does.

Or Die !!

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