Lion becomes the prey (Wattys2016) #3

Lion becomes the prey (Wattys2016) #3

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Number #3rd in Action 

LION BECOMES THE PREY 'A tale of mysterious Hate'

Homicide, extortion, loan sharking, smuggling, gambling and Adultery were his Promiscuous affairs. There was no type of  drug he haven't consumed, there was no type of beauty he never tasted...Yet there was something more addictive then the weeds and there existed a beauty way out of his reach...a pure innocence which was still unnoticed by his sinful lusty eyes...

Alexander Mario Puzo has set his target on Esmeralda Philemon Kent. One by one he had killed all her family members.....ending her life is his last shot in the game of revenge...will he be able to do that? surviving 5 painful years in the midst of  tragedy and violence created by him, she choose to fight Back..... 
LION BECOMES THE PREY 'a tale of mysterious Hate' brought to you by Soliya. Its a story of a gangster who wants to Kill Esmeralda for hurting him painfully. Wheres Esmeralda has never met a man like him before....or did she?? story of hidden secrets, masked people and irony of true love and Destiny set in the background of bad world.

WARNING: This story contains Action, bad language , violence and gore. 

LION FALLS FOR THE PREY (check out my profile) - sequal to LION BECOMES THE PREY 

By - Soliyak

Celine712 Celine712 Mar 07
I really really loved the is so mysterious...!!!
Soliyak Soliyak Sep 04
Hey @chandnikumar thank you so so much for that comment 😊