Which Twin Am I? OHSHC~ 《Hikaru and Kaoru X ......》

Which Twin Am I? OHSHC~ 《Hikaru and Kaoru X ......》

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Pokkapistol By Pokkapistol Updated Sep 21, 2014

Luka and Mika Sofille came to Ouran Academy just because their parents wanted them to go and they are both twins. They ignore other people but themselves. No one,  not even their parents can tell them apart until they met Hikaru and Kaoru Hittacchin.

Will They fall in love?


Will they be hurt in the end when Hikaru and Kaoru doesn't know which one is which?

Their lives will be changed forever...

this intro is crappy but the story will be great I promise!!!

Lamia_Nightwalker88 Lamia_Nightwalker88 Nov 22, 2017
I had to beg my friend to watch ohshc and so i said you should watch host club you will kiss kiss fall in love with it.
Starmon06 Starmon06 Nov 14, 2017
Whyncant they stay girls at some point I want  them to be girls again
Lamia_Nightwalker88 Lamia_Nightwalker88 Nov 22, 2017
Alois' s brother really 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😩😭😭😭😫😭😭😫😫😫😫😫😫😭😭
The_Gossiper The_Gossiper Dec 31, 2017
I get that reference and now im sad ;-; whyyyyyyyyyyyy alsea f*cker
midnight_star_28 midnight_star_28 Nov 14, 2017
Host club? And it’s okay I still love you even if you dislike me
Well you have the same almost everything so I don't see why you can't understand why ppl can't tell a difference