Coming Up For Air

Coming Up For Air

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⠁⠙⠑⠇⠈⠊⠙⠑ By wonderfulsause Completed

What happens when one boy shatters everything you thought you knew about yourself? 

"I don't like boys. But I like you. Does that make sense?" 



no_notreally no_notreally Dec 15, 2016
I want to marry Ashton, but if it actually is real that would be awesome :D
AgneseGiannantoni AgneseGiannantoni May 04, 2016
This was my first story on wattpad. 
                              And it really means so much to me
vklguk vklguk Oct 27, 2016
Like I want it to be real. But I want to marry both boys. And when I do, I wouldn't really mind if they left me for Lashton to happen. I'd be sad, but I'd ship it.
modelharryrise modelharryrise Oct 20, 2016
ugh idek if i wanna read this now cause you're cringy af 😩 "i want to marry luke hemmings" stfu seriously
I wanna marry Ashton but if one of them did have a relationship with each other I'm fine with that
trashkid- trashkid- May 06, 2016
what means ''c'' word i know i'm stupid and i'm dutch so ig that's an excuse