First Sight (X-Men - Romy)

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Cat Winchester By CatWinchester Completed
(Movieverse - Post X3) Alone in Boston, Rogue meets a handsome Cajun who worms his way into her life, just as she worms her way into his heart. Rogue has the cruellest of all powers, because while she has a lot of love to give, she's unable to know the touch of another without hurting them. Gambit is a charmer and a ladies man, yet he falls for the one woman he can never fully be with. Can there be a future for a womaniser and the one woman who can't touch? 
    Set 18 months after the end of X3 (The Last Stand).
    Gambit also has a healthy dose of 90's cartoon Gambit, just because I love that incarnation of him.
    I wrote this a while ago but after re-watching the X-men trilogy recently, I decided to dust it off and post it here.
My fav characters are Rogue and Gambit and i love them together
I never thought of gambit as French XD but either way I'm loving the book so please keep up the great work :)
I love this book because it has Rouge and Gambit :) Keep up the Great Work :)
i am so glad some one wrote a story about two of my favorite character! love the beginning to this story!
This says u have added 2 the story but it won't let me get past the creak n gambits neck I lve the zen & gambit & rogue r my fav my frieda & I use 2 play x men I had beast invent special things 2 make it possible 4 them 2 b closer