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I'm the Demon's Angel

I'm the Demon's Angel

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GreenleeH By GreenleeH Completed

Slowly, I cowered away from him taking each step at a time. Inch by inch until my back hit the wall with a light Bump.

His arms were at my sides within arm's length as he trapped me meanwhile, I could feel him burning holes into my skin.

"What are you doing?" He spoke with a harsh tone, but there was a hint of concern that I noticed when he wavered.

"... I'm going to go call Kris to pick me up." I responded with a my sleepy voice because I hadn't spoken a word since I had woken up.

Carmen clenched his hands in anger, "Who is this Kris?"

I realized that Kris sounded like a guy's name but it wasn't. It was a female name. "Oh she's my friend who I talk to at school. Don't worry once you meet her you'll like her. Is it fine if I give her your address?"

"No," he growled as he refused.

My mood slid down like a landslide upon hearing those words.

"No" he repeated," What do you think you're doing up?"

"Going home." My response came out more like a question than an answer when I emphasized the 'O' more.

Carmen began to chuckle darkly, "Oh Angel, you're not going anywhere tonight."

Copyright © 2014 by GreenleeH because I own it and is based off MY ideas.Therefore, any a act of plagiarism will be held against you.

*This is a warning : this book is not the best and I encourage you not to read it because it's pretty much sloppy. I will edit and do some major changes later!*

tessa_graying tessa_graying Jun 19, 2016
I don't understand how people don't care what other people say, I jealous of these kinda people.
Sugarsweet4566 Sugarsweet4566 May 29, 2016
Unfortunately I'm the type to tear down my closet to find one shirt 😭😭
tessa_graying tessa_graying Jun 19, 2016
I want to wear contact lenses SO BADLY but I can't because I am half blind in one eye so if I have an accident I could lose my sight.
RomanianFemale RomanianFemale Feb 11, 2016
Everyone here talking about periods and I'm just here wondering how hipster can be to be named Krislynn
zeroemperors zeroemperors Feb 01, 2016
Maybe word it as 'as white as pure snow' it might work better :)
TwoStones TwoStones Mar 08, 2016
Well you see you tripped and hit your head on a door- twice. And then you decided to be a dumb pickle and stand up right after. Then, you passed out like animal cruelty flyers and asked the stupidest question you could think of when unconscious.