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Akatsuki: 7 minutes in heaven

Akatsuki: 7 minutes in heaven

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Elizabeth By lizzyuchiha Completed

You have been in the akatsuki for about 5 months now. You are friends with all the members and all the members think you are cool...even Itachi! Anyway you were about to go to bed when someone opened your door.
"____-chan come on Tobi wants you downstairs now come on!" Tobi yelled.
"Why?" you asked.
"Well Deidara-senpai told Tobi to get ___-chan and since Tobi is a good boy Tobi ran and got ___-chan. Now come on!!" Tobi yelled and grabbed your arm and dragged you to the living room. When you got to the living room you saw Pein/Leader-sama and Itachi sitting on a couch, Deidara and Sasori on the floor, Hidan and Kakuzu each in a chair, Kisame on the floor beside the couch, and Zetsu leaning against a wall.
"Tobi is here and Tobi brought ___-chan too!" Tobi yelled happily and skipped over to Zetsu.
"So where is Konan?" You asked.
"Right here." Konan said coming from the kitchen carrying a hat.
"Umm what's going on?" You asked.
"Well since everyone has been going on missions non-stop, I t...

ugh.... I can't vote cause wattpad doesn't want me... it says that I voted too much...
Maria7788 Maria7788 Nov 14, 2016
I would be so exited.
                              The Akatsuki are total hotties! Who wouldn't want to be in a closet with them?
Waffle189 Waffle189 Aug 04, 2016
                              HIDAN HASNT GOT A GF
                              MADARA/TOBI GOT ONE BEFORE HIM
- - Sep 29, 2016
He's my best friend  best of my best friends do you have a best friend too? XD
Kiria_Aburame Kiria_Aburame Jan 02, 2016
I literally said that deidara looks like a girl. He'd get a guy looking how he does... Or me I love Dei-dei
The_Black_Flash The_Black_Flash Dec 31, 2015
Only problem is.. Tobi is the leader of the Akatsuki and he choose to invite his girlfriend on the team!