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My Little Secret (A SHINee Fanfiction)

My Little Secret (A SHINee Fanfiction)

76.5K Reads 3.8K Votes 29 Part Story
Permanently Gone By bibohbi Updated Jun 26, 2015

Keeping a secret is a tough thing to do.

As a girl, Amanda is greatly troubled by everyone who first get to know her, confusing her as a boy. When she gets scouted by S.M. Entertainment, she is given a Korean name, Kwang-sun, and the opportunity to debut as a K-Pop star. What would happen if the company used her looks and talents for a boy group, not a girl group? And what if she became the sixth member of the group that is always shining brightly; SHINee? In this case, she isn't allowed to reveal her true gender for various reasons, and if she's discovered, the contract will be terminated.

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