Handstands Down The Hallway

12 Part Story 461 Reads 4 Votes
Chloe By OMSFolger Completed
When Kreea and her family move to Stettlar, everyone is skeptical. They're different, but most of all it's Kreea they aren't a fan of. Especially Johnathan. But only at first. Soon Johnathan comes to understand and like the complicating and fun-loving Kreea. And as people begin to know her, a lot of them seem to love her for who she is. But some of the parents seem to know something Johnathan doesn't, and treat her differently. Even once Johnathan understands, he wishes he didn't. Things become hard, but somehow more enjoyable than ever before.
@OMSFolger Oh, I don't remember. It might have been an autocorrect because of my iPad or maybe I just missed it :L I'm still half asleep, so maybe I did mean something else:')