Finding Her

Finding Her

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Haleigh Deaton By DeliriouslyLost Completed

Chris is just an average, every-day werewolf. She lives her life just as any other unsociable Were-teen would. But one day, she meets a  girl named Haley, who seems like the perfect mate. Chris doesn't know about the troubled past that haunts Haley every day, but after meeting a few unlikely friends, and villians, she discovers some secrets that might just break their love for good. 

This is a story about a werewolf and her mate. 

Warning. This is a gxg story so if you don't like, then don't read (:

Jerbello Jerbello Apr 04
This is the name of the girl in my book xD I love the name Haley! (:
Ugh I fùcking hate the name Haley its used so much especially for werewolves and it reminds me of that little wereslut in the vampire diaries/originals 😒
03Javi360 03Javi360 Oct 25
If I became a werewolf.... I'd be a pretty badass werewolf 😏
pl4yg1rl pl4yg1rl Jan 25
This is the name that makes me restless at night, it's good to know I'm not the only one though.
isabe1la isabe1la Nov 11, 2015
*claps* such a good chapter also this is the first time in a really long time I've read about a bitten wolf on here so, cool :))
PokemonLV PokemonLV Jul 04, 2015
This was me when I was little... My mom once had to hold onto my wrist every where we went... Heh